Dimawe has the knowledge and expertise to do business in the Peruvian market.

Our professionals have studied the market to optimize a distribution chain as well as realizing a turn-over comparative equal to the actual competitors.

We are proud to develop an optimal and profitable business model for new products and brands.

We implement the most effective marketing strategies for our target market and distribution channels.

Distribution Strategy

Dimawe offers nationwide distribution to our clients. Dimawe also segments the products we  offer by categorizing target sectors. We maintain a suitable amount of inventory, avoiding  stock-outs in the market.




Mass Distribution

Sales Force

We pride ourselves on having an adequate and educated amount of sales reps able to promote  all of our product lines, constantly training and providing them with product workshops.

Our staff includes:

  • 8 Dental Sales Reps
  • 6 Medical Sales Reps
  • 4 General Merchandise
  • 2 Part Time Support Reps