Cosmetic Products

Peru’s Cosmetics Industry, the most significant sub sector is Skincare, accounting for 30% of retail sales. The increased awareness of appearance and increased disposable income are spurring on sales. 

The booming Peruvian cosmetics market is valued at 2,225 million USD according to Lima Chamber of Commerce.

Imports supply nearly 75% of the market, with 40% of imports originating from the United States and France.

An average Peruvian expend 10% to 15% of his or her monthly salary in beauty products. It is approximately from $25 to $40.


Of the total Peruvian population, 50.1% are men and 49.9% are women; Furthermore, the urban population reaches 76.4% and the rural population 23.6%.

Peru has three natural regions and is divided into 24 regional departments. 55.9% of the population lives on the Coast, 29.6% lives in the Sierra and 14.5% lives in the Jungle.

In Peru, the projections for the beauty industry according to the Chamber of Commerce are positive and grow at reasonable percentages of 6% to 8% in recent years, consequently, giving possibilities to expand beauty.

Peru is the first country in retail investment in South America and the ninth worldwide. Therefore, it creates an opportunity to establish a massive business channel.

After an exceptional recovery in 2017 from the economic slowdown, the Peruvian cosmetic market had an average growth of 9% by 2023. Peru has an emerging upper-middle class with greater purchasing power and willing to buy advanced, innovative and high-quality products.

As the skin care market evolves, consumers are
becoming more demanding and expect more specialized products that can meet their specific needs


Medical Products

Dimawe has emphasized addressing the needs of Health Services with the highest quality in its products. We work in collaboration with the best Peruvian doctors, who provide specialized care to their patients, improving their quality of life.

Our products are categorized into four groups:

  1. Medical articles
  2. Medical instrument equipment
  3. Clinical furniture
  4. Orthopedic articles

Dental Products

Dimawe’s dental product portfolio consists exclusively of leading brands that professionals in the field require. We are committed to providing quality products that are innovative in terms of material placement and accessible.

We have categorized them into three groups:

  1. Dental Instruments
  2. Dental Articles
  3. Materials

Product Categories

We are working with the exclusive brands of dental, medical, veterinarian and beauty products.

We distribute a wide variety of exclusive products of general merchandise, veterinarian and medical products.

We do also distribute a variety of beauty products.